Top 10 Things to Do in Houston, Texas


1. Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) was founded in 1909 and is one of the most renowned museums of its kind in North America. It houses classic and antique items, including minerals and space station models Quetzalcoatl’s models and 60 large skeleton mounts.

2. Space Center Houston

Another thing you can do is go on a tour of The Space Center Houston. This is the main visitor’s center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and this area has fascinating facilities to visit. The time you spend here is an unforgettable experience since you get to meet astronauts while exploring its ISS Mission Control, Buoyancy Lab, Simulation Lab, and lots more.

3. Buffalo Bayou Park

It is located in the Buffalo Bayou Park is a popular tourist spot that covers 160 acres of land in the city. It is regarded as a natural sanctuary and offers bike and walking tracks, dog-friendly parks, and many shady spots to relax. It is the home of a vast area of Mexican bats free-tailed with slow-moving water in the middle.

4 Minute Maid Park

It is a stunning stadium with a unique design that is beyond. It’s air-conditioned and is Houston’s first retractable-roofed arena with a natural grass field. It is home to 40,000 people and has a variety of options, including ballpark classics, healthy sidebars, and Astros Melt.

5. Children’s Museum

It was created in the year 1980 by a group of parents who were enthusiastic about fostering the development of children in the community. Museum exhibits cover disciplines like the sciences, history and technology, culture, and more. This is an advantage for any child as the museum has The Market, the perfect place for children to enjoy themselves.

6. Discovery Green

Have you ever considered a lively community? Discovery green can be one of these and offers Yoga classes for free, stories, regular performances, and film nights. It also has an open-air reading room and free WiFi play area, as well as the chance to borrow balls and games whenever you want to let go of some tension.

7. Downtown Aquarium

The 500,000-gallon Downtown Aquarium mixes an attraction center and a restaurant. It is home to many fascinating components like Ferris Wheel, an aquatic carousel, and a white tiger display. Frog Hopper and more. It provides a breathtaking wall-to-wall view of the aquarium. It’s a great spot to see the sights and an ideal spot to explore a diverse food selection.

8. Fast Track Amusements

It’s the perfect spot to showcase your best abilities, release some steam and enjoy a bit of all-around entertainment. The park has arcade games, including miniature golf, laser tag, lasers, and a Formula 1 replica of go racers. There is also the opportunity to play real-time games such as Godzilla Wars JR, Wacky Gator Super Speedway, Mortal Combat, and many more. It’s a great spot for the whole family to visit and be active.

9. The Galleria

Milan’s gorgeous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele inspired the Galleria. It has more than 400 top-selling stores, restaurants and food outlets, and beauty salons. The Galleria is at the top of the biggest shopping centers in Texas.

10. Hines Water-wall Park

It is located in the Gerald D. Hines Water-wall Park has a 64-foot semicircular fountain, which pumps the same amount of water every minute. It rotates upwards and downwards on the outer and inner walls in the construction. 186 trees surround the park. It is an ideal place for a fun day with family and friends, as well as picnics, photoshoots, and gatherings.


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