Choosing the Right Time to Travel Abroad

Travel Abroad

It’s the perfect time for you to visit Europe. If you’re not able to travel there by the end of this fall/winter, it’s best to book the best deals abroad since airfares are comparable to those traveling to the Caribbean and, if not less expensive.

Are you looking for some suggestions on what to do? Are you planning an entire weekend that you want to relax? Ireland could be the solution for you, or Paris and London. We’d recommend no shorter than 3 night stays in each city. If you decide to visit Paris or London, four nights in each is more suitable if you have the money and the time.

The majority of flights across the pond are red-eyes; however, if you cannot take a flight that isn’t overnight, you can take a non-stop flight to London’s Heathrow, which you depart in the early morning and arrive about twelve hours after (actually, it’s just more than six hours to travel there and back, but you’ll need to take into account the difference in time of 6 hours).

If you are looking for a shorter stay, it is recommended to stay within the city, but remember that the cost will be more. Based on the attractions you’d like to see, it’s unnecessary to stay in the dead center because it’s generally easy to travel to these cities.

Another suggestion we make frequently is that, if you’re traveling to the area to the destination for the first time, take a look at purchasing a hop-on/hop-off tour bus. Do not just purchase a one-day pass. We recommend at least two days minimum. The first day should be used to familiarize yourself with happening and what’s interesting to you most. The next day (a continuous day pass) uses the hop-on/hop-off to get to where you want to get to. Depending on your destination, the bus company may even offer the option of a walking tour as well as an illuminated trip (evening trip). You’ll be amazed at how different it is to see the city in the evening versus daylight.

If you’re not a “bus person,” many cities have great Metro services. Depending on your location, there may be hop-on/hop-off ferryboats or riverboats that can transport to you.

After you’ve settled on the destination you want to visit, get familiar with the tours or excursions you may be interested in. Don’t be afraid to check out the “off the beaten path” tourist attractions as well.

Still confused? Contact your trusted, friendly travel consultant a phone call. You’ll be surprised at the enthusiasm they have to help you with your travel plans. In the end, a good travel consultant will have the experience and resources to put together an itinerary that isn’t only able to meet but also surpass your expectations. If you’re not familiar with the services of a travel advisor and you aren’t sure, contact someone you can find on Google (or other places) and go ahead, but interview them in the same manner as you would do when hiring an accountant, locating an experienced doctor or an attorney. Have a wonderful trip!


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