10 Things to Do in Los Angeles, California

10 Things to Do in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles which is famous for its rich culture values, is also a financial and commercial hub for Southern California. Also, it is the second-most popular city in America and here are the things to do when you happen to be in the captivating City Los Angeles

1. Venice beach:

Have you ever thought about the real-life implications of the term “busy”? If not, Venice beach is an ideal spot to explore as a tourist. The beach is an enchanting blend of nature, which draws thousands of tourists every day from all over the globe. The beach is home to water sports such as swimming and surfing. It is also a great place to eat lunch while relaxing in the warm sea breeze.

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a walk with your family while you take in the cool breeze. a great view of the public statues that bear the names of a variety of musicians, actors producers, directors as well as theatrical and musical groups, fictional characters and others who have achieved success in the entertainment business.

3. Getty center:

One of the areas of the famed Getty villas can be found in the Getty Museum The museum has a huge collection of works of architecture as well as artefacts. It’s the ideal place to have a thorough look of the many paintings created by Rubens which include Monet, Renoir, Cezanne and Van Gogh as tourists.

4 Museum of Jurassic Technology:

The museum’s collection is an array of art and scientific, ethnographic, and historical as well as unidentified exhibits. It is an amazing mix of fiction and factual works. It’s certainly a good location to spend time with your family while you’re on holiday.

5 Griffith Observatory:

Griffith Observatory Griffith Observatory situated in Griffith Park is an astronomy museum that is free and provides visitors with a complimentary view of what it will look like in space with the massive telescope called the super Zeiss telescope. The Observatory also provides a broad view of the tranquil Los Angeles environment and some science-based works.

6. Disneyland park:

This is the second of two theme parks that are owned by Disney resort. It’s an ideal place for your kids to explore and enjoy after a tiring day of school activities. It’s a dream come real playground for any child with well-equipped features like ferris wheel, the carousel, and the merry-go round.

7 Hollywood Sign:

We are talking about the American famous cultural landmark that is located in Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Hollywood sign is best seen from below , looking up for the best perspective for visitors on the way the signs are built on the contours of the hill.

8 California Science Centre:

Near that is the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the University of Southern California is the California Science Center. The exposition park is open every day with the exception of national holidays. it’s an exciting place for children and adults. There are research groups from all over all over the world, who are flooding into the building each and every minute.

9 Rodeo drive:

Rodeo Drive’s incredible shopping catalogs has secured their place as a popular destinations within Los Angeles. With more than 100 shops offering the latest fashions in clothing and accessories, including handbags, shoes jewelry, home accessories and much more, visitors will find everything within these famous blocks. There are spas as well as restaurants for a relaxing meal or lunchtime.

10 Grauman’s Chinese Theatre:

It is home to more over 200 Hollywood celebrity footprints, handprints and signatures on the floor of the theater’s forecourt. Additionally, the Chinese Theatre has always been top of the line due to its grandeur and interior. It’s certainly an ideal place for visitors traveling to Los Angeles.


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